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"Thank God its Friday" is an understatement for how happy I actually am that this week has finally come to an end. I’ve been under so much stress lately with deadlines and workloads, I didn’t think I was gonna make it out alive! But today I woke up humming "it’s Friday" by Rebecca black. Remember that song lol.

 I’m glad the week is over, but the real reason I’m so stoked is because I’m gonna be spending the weekend in Vegas with some dear friends!

I’m looking forward to a great road trip and creating some unforgettable memories.

So today I’m out and about, doing a little shopping for the weekend!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Sport jacket by Zara

Scoop neck t-shirt by Asos

Denim by Asos

Boots by Zara

Hat by Goorinbros

Bag by Willleathergoods

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