"Spring is in the air"

Yes! Spring is here!! I get really excited because spring is the best season.. To say the least, my favorite season. If you haven’t noticed, I’m really into colors, I love bold and bright colors and what better time to be bold than spring?

Above is an ensemble I put together to welcome the season..

I love this new blazer from Asos. This bold blue or indigo, I just found out, is the color of the season. I wanted to pair it with white trousers; and through some extensive searching online, I found those for 25 bucks. I completed the look with a brown pair of loafers and my new bag. I also had to wait for this bag, which is currently my new favorite piece of accessory, from ebay for about three weeks because it was sold out on asos.com

From top to bottom:

- Indigo blazer by Asos

- light grey pinstripe shirt by Jcrew

- green tie by Asos

- tiebar by Jcrew

- white trousers by Express

- belt by Asos

- loafers by Bostonian

- leather bag by Asos

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A bientôt

Avec classe,