The modern renaissance man


I know It’s been a while since my last post and i appreciate that you guys keep checking back for new post, but i have a good excuse. With school full-time and work 5 days a week, i have little to no wiggle room for anything else. Time management is of the essence for my hectic schedule, however i will do my best to try and have a post at least once a week. 

So.. what have I been up to lately? 
Well, I had the opportunity to Collaborate with a few brands. One of which is Bedford&Broome. Based in New York City, this brand focuses on creating handcrafted goods for the modern-day renaissance man.

In case you didn’t know, the name is originated from Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg and Broome Street in SoHo. Bedford Avenue is full of artists, musicians, designers, and professionals, all wearing their personal styles proudly. Broome Street is thriving with professionals, shoppers, and dapper gents, all dressed to impress. They are two very distinct and very different locations that encompass the essence of the brand.

Bedford: Casual yet sophisticated. Broome: dressy with an edge.

For today’s post I’m wearing the “Hawthorne Necktie and Pocket square.” 
The combination of grey and white stripes with madras tail on the tie and the two-tone pocket square is simply amazing. And the quality is very impressive. They are easily becoming one of my favorite brands when it comes to accessories. I’m also a strong supporter of american craftsmanship, so I salute them for emphasizing on producing here at home!

what i wore:

blazer by Paul Smith

shirt and lapel flower by riverisland

tie and pocket square c/o Bedfordandbroome

pants by h&m

shoes by zara

frames by Tom Ford

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