"Garconalamode x Moods of Norway"


I can't believe summer is already over. I'm certainly not ready for the fall semester which starts in a few weeks... Ugh! Aside from the 100 degree heat waves and occasional humidity, I must say this had to be my best summer yet. Well, it was good while it lasted. Although i'm not yet in a fall state of mind, I can't help but noticing the brand new fall collections on Barney's windows and those fancy boutiques on Rodeo Dr. and it's no different at Moods of Norway where they already have their fall collection in full swing at their Melrose store.

Today, I have the opportunity to preview this 2 piece suit of their Fall collection and I must say I'm obsessed! what impressed me the most was the fit and quality of the product. This 100% wool suit feels so soft and smooth, it may be the most comfortable 2-piece i have ever put on. Not to mention, the fit was just perfection. I think they should add: "No alteration needed" to the garments as well, because this is the first suit that didn't make my tailor's acquaintance. I Love how it gives you a slimmer silhouette without looking too tight-fitting, and also Love the color. Even though it's part of their fall collection, I feel like i'm gonna wear this baby all year round. I must also say that I really like the story behind the brand, I think it's so refreshing to see a brand like Moods of Norway choosing a different route by minimizing the seriousness and promoting happiness. Love the slogan: Happy clothes for happy people. I also love the idea of instilling fun notes inside the garment conveying a positive message and altering moods all over. If there's one thing we need more of in this world, it's HAPPINESS!

Thanks Moods of Norway!


Outfit details:

Suit c/o Moods of Norway

Shirt by Zara

Pocket square by Marc Jacobs

Tie by The tie bar

Shoes by To Boot New York

Socks by Gallant & Beau


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