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  1. As I've mentioned on the "Revamp"  article, I've added a couple of key pieces to my wardrobe and those pinstripe trousers may be my favorite addition of them all.. They're the most comfortable thing I've ever put on. I mean I feel like wearing them everyday! And my tailor did an awesome job getting them to fit the right way. I gotta admit they were a little pricey even at 75% off. But what u get is comfort, high quality fabric and longevity. I know these are gonna last me forever.. Anyway, I wore them with my new canali blazer, white shirt and a grey herringbone-like pattern tie. Completed the look with a pair of brown shoes. Also added a lime pocket square. It works great with grey or black for the perfect contrast. 


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hope you guys enjoy.  


Outfit details :

Blazer by Canali

Trousers by Hugo Boss

Shirt by RL purple label

Tie by Giorgio Armani

Shoes by Tobootnewyork 

Pocketsquare by Bows_n_ties



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