HP SPECTRE: Rediscovering my passion

As a fashion designer and creator, I love roaming around the city, visiting new places and landmarks as they are major sources of inspiration for me. I try to be as free and comfortable as possible for those long days away from home. I’m used to carrying around a notepad and pencil for when inspiration strikes and then revisit my notes and sketches back in the studio. As much as I love my laptop, I never liked carrying it around with me because of its weight and bulky charger. But after testing out the new HP SPECTRE, I immediately fell in love with its ultra light weight, thickness and functionality which made it easier to carry when I’m traveling. 

Equipped with my new HP SPECTRE, I quickly discovered that when I get inspired and the creative juice starts flowing, I’m able to start the process while in the moment from anywhere. It fuels my passion and allows me to use my creativity in a whole new facet. This way of creating content is helping me reinvent my designs and reimagine my creative process. It’s also helped me rediscover my love for fashion while encouraging me to explore and create more.

The HP SPECTRE is definitely my new favorite toy and is the perfect tool for millennial entrepreneurs like myself.


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Avec classe,

- Perkens


Suit by Reiss

Shirt by SPROOS

Shoes by Ferragamo