Why should you invest in your first made-to-measure suit?

I had the opportunity to partner with Indochino - the world's leading custom menswear company that offers the luxury of made to measure clothing while making it accessible for every man everywhere - and the experience was nothing short of amazing.

Most guys are a little more familiar with picking a suit off the rack. We do know about made-to-measure tailoring but for some reason tend to stay away from it. Why? Well, I think it's because made-to-measure suiting sounds a bit too complicated to some while others don't feel knowledgeable enough, therefore don't want to spend the time to find out about it. So it seems easier to pick something off of the rack that we assume is good enough even though they aren't always the right fit, style or color we'd hope for. The truth is - for a lot of guys - picking a suit has always been about the occasion rather than personal taste. So why should you invest in your first made to measure suit? 

Above all, made-to-measure is an experience. You walk into a beautiful showroom, have an in-depth conversation about your style and taste, you are then introduced to a variety of amazing and high-quality fabrics and with the help of experts, you get to make the call on every single detail all the way down to stitching preferences. And in the end, you have a beautifully custom made suit that is 100% you. And when you put it on you’ll definitely notice the difference, and so will you peers. Trust me!

Four weeks ago I walked into Indochino's showroom in Beverly Hills, located on the corner of Santa Monica blvd and Canon. Met up with Brandon who runs the showroom; very professional and knowledgeable. We talked about fashion and the shift in menswear as he helped me with selecting fabrics and deciding on final details. I picked out this beautiful wool-linen gray windowpane fabric - I've always wanted to add one to my wardrobe - which is also part of Indochino's new spring collection. As for details I wanted a peak lapel 2-button suit - since I only have double-breasted jackets with peak lapels - fully canvassed with pick stitchings and navy lining details. I don't like to wear a belt, so I added two side adjusters on the trousers as well as cuffs for a more refined style. Also picked out a beautiful lavender cotton fabric for the shirt along with a nicely textured tie and pocket square.

 Aside from walking into one of Indochino's beautifully decorated showrooms, for the millennial consumer Indochino also offers the option to get yourself measured from home following their 14 point Measurement guidelines. And with the help of their experts, you get to design your suit your way and select from over 200 different high-quality fabrics and dozens of customization options to create your own look. And four weeks later your brand new Indochino suit arrives and is ready for you to rock it. And with a great starting price point (400 & up), you’re certainly getting more value and will be satisfied with your investment.

I get a lot of compliments from you guys all the time about my suits. Well, now you know my secret!

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