Back to basics with Marks & Spencer

As I’m gearing up to travel more this year I’ve partnered with M&S to add some basics to my wardrobe. Also the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we’re transitioning from Spring to Summer... I know summer doesn’t officially start until next month, but I’m already planning for a busy one ahead. I’m definitely excited to be visiting Bangkok for the first time this summer; then I’ll be vacationing in Hawaii for a week, which is also my first time in Hawaii. A quick stop in Miami afterwards, for my sister’s wedding before headed to New York for NYFWM. I always try to pack light because I prefer to use a carry-on luggage when traveling. Luckily it’s a warmer season, so no need for layers or heavy garments. I simply need to bring enough basic pieces since I pretty much live in them when I travel; especially around this time a year. T-shirts and jeans are really all I need! Picked out a few basic white and grey tees, a few pairs of denim as well as a jacket from In this post, I’m wearing M&S Limited Edition Pure Cotton Textured Slim Fit Polo which pairs nicely with the black M&S Skinny Fit Stretch Jeans and Suede Oxford Lace-Up Trainers . This is a simple yet stylish look and can be worn for casual outings.

Also wearing the Limited Edition Slim Fit Stripped Crew Neck T-shirt with Skinny Fit Stretch Jeans . This casual look is perfect for the summer...

As for sizing, MARKS & SPENCER is actually one of the very few brands that I don’t have to get tailored. I ordered true to size and they fit like a glove. 


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