My Stay with Four Seasons Hotel New York

When you hear the name Four Seasons, it’s synonymous with luxury, comfort, and class. Effortlessly balancing modern flare with timeless staples, it’s easy to feel a level of relaxation that’s sought after even after you finish your stay.

While attending New York Fashion Week, I was offered to stay in the Manhattan Junior Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel New York. With the Four Seasons, you can tell your stay with be at a higher echelon based off the lobby alone.

There’s a classic charm and, again, a sense of timelessness that’ll transport your senses and uplift any mood. If you’re a fan of Art Deco interiors, your instagram feed will be filled with all the endless amount of inspiration this lobby submerges you in.

When you get to the Manhattan Junior Suite, you’re a wonderful escape from the rampant speed of New York’s bustling city life. A cozy 500 sq foot room with oversized windows and wonderful panoramic city views.

The highlight of the room is the view of Central Park ( an iconic landmark in the city for those unaware) and I in all honesty, this may be the best view I’ve seen in my trips here. You’ll be glued to this view; spectating life below from the comfort and your own personal box of luxury.

Though this is a hotel suite, it brought comforts of home due to its residential atmosphere, soft lighting and decor. The king sized bed is just as hard to get out of as you’d imagine and combined with blackout curtains, sleeping also becomes a more enhanced experience.

The walk in closet allows you to bring all your best outfits for long trips and as expected will come with an iron and ironing board; ensuring you’re dressed to impress at a moments notice. and the stylish, custom made work desk lets you get down to business in a focused and uninterrupted space.

If they would’ve let me move in, I’d likely still be there now.

The room itself is where you can be at your most comfortable but the hotel has some great attractions all on its own. The Garden, a restaurant ran by Executive Chef Johnson gave me one of the best breakfasts I’d had in New York City. Without a doubt, you’ve got to try the lemon ricotta pancakes. It’s their signature dish and it’s easy to tell why!

My only regret is that I was unable to check out the Ty Bar. It looked inviting and warm thanks to their fireplace and awesome accent lights. That’s one thing the Four Seasons Hotel New York got down to a science--the desire to go back. Even though I didn’t experience time in the Ty Bar, it left a lingering memory that will be high on my list the next time I visit the city that never sleeps.

If you’re even in New York City, you owe it to yourself to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel New York. There’s a lot to New York that will keep you out all day and night, but if you decided to stay in all day….I definitely wouldn’t blame you.