Nike Joyride - No work, All play

It’s no surprise that Nike’s been on a roll lately when it comes to their shoes. The legacy brand has been the leader in creating some of the best footwear that the industry has ever seen. You recently saw the Air Max 270 React which turned out to be a lot more than just another stylish shoe. It had history, massive comfort, and was incredibly universal to wear whether you were in a suit or jeans and a t-shirt. It’s one of my favorite shoes and I do literally wear them almost everyday. Now, Nike is trying their hardest to break me of that pattern with the Nike Joyride.

Honestly ...I'm not upset about that because this shoe is a dream!

Where the 270 React leaned a bit heavier on style, the Joyride is rooted in performance to its core. Not only aesthetically, but internally the Joyride is all about ease of mobility, comfort, and duration. The most notable component about the Nike Joyride takes place within its sole. Why is this shoe so damn comfortable? Why is moving around so much more enjoyable?! Nike innovates yet again and has developed a brand new cushioning system with this shoe. The secret? The shoe is filled with right around 10,000 beads that form around your foot. You’re reading that correctly, TEN THOUSAND soft and bouncy beads are nestled inside of this shoe.

Think the sensation you get from sitting in a beanbag concentrated solely on your feet.

Nike managed to make running feel easy with the Joyride which inturn makes walking even more effortless thanks to this new technology. You can’t overlook the amount of science and research that goes into the creation of a shoe like the Joyride. The shoe has a purpose which edges it out just above other performance shoes in the same class. 14% of impact is reduced thanks to the thousands of beads inside your shoe. As a result of that, your entire body is affected in the best way! Providing less impact on your legs, feet, ankles, calves, knees, etc...

The beads are really the magic component of this forward thinking shoe.

As with any shoe, of course you want it to be stylish and that’s of course no exception here. Yes, this is a performance shoe, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be easy on the eyes. There’s quite a few different colorways here and I went with a classic and clean white on white. It’ll go with all of my workout outfits and day to day attire but it also highlights the beads in the shoe as well. At the heel, there’s a bit of transparency that shows off the brightness of the beads (red and blue) that also compliment the bright highlights on the sole and pull tab on top of the heel. The white mesh brings it all together so it’s not too loud ( though when it comes to a performance shoe, brighter colors are never a bad thing!)

The shoe itself has a bit more curvature (to go with the natural shape of a foot) and will continue to mold to your foots own unique shape as they’re worn. It’s incredibly lightweight and flexible and is without a doubt going to be one of the most comfortable shoes we experience in 2019. That’s not an exaggeration even in the slightest. It truly is THAT comfortable.

Now my hardest decision of the day is deciding which of my favorite Nikes I want to wear and that’s…...a good problem to have.


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