5 ways to style your leather jacket

"You don’t have to have a lot of clothes to be fashionable, but you certainly have to have the right clothes"
- Sophie Gimbel

Look 1: more of a classic. Easily put together with a plain white shirt and a vintage tie. (Can also be done with a black or navy tie) I wore my grey trousers and brown shoes to give it a more sofisticated look. Can be done for a dinner date, office party etc

Look 2: semi formal. I wore this outfit for a fashion event. I like to combine light blue and brown. It gives a cool and crisp look. I accessorized with my new Bowtie and a hat for a little more edgy feel

Look 3: casual. It was a chilly day and I wanted some extra layers to keep warm, so my light brown Zara vest came in handy. Completed the look with my favorite pair of nike and of course a hat.

Look 4: street style. Wearing skinny sweats with a button up shirt and red Nike shoes :)

Look 5: More of a everyday wear. I been feeling the all black lately. This look has a more urban feel.

Let’s just keep it real, Most of us do not have enough disposable income to refresh our wardrobe every season. Therefore, having the key pieces is important and will help you keep your looks fresh and interesting.
There are a few key pieces every gentleman should have in their wardrobe, which will be the subject of my next post, but for today let’s talk about the “black leather jacket”

What we’ve come to know as the quintessential leather jacket was born out of functionality, when they were created for aviators during WW1. The leather jacket has since become an essential piece abandoning its practical use in favor of a sartorial importance fueled by pop culture.

As seen above, I’ve compiled multiple looks showcasing 5 of the many ways one can style a leather jacket. Questions and comments are welcomed!

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