Introducing the HP SPECTRE

Today I’m showcasing the brand new HP SPECTRE laptop in partnership with HP.

I was very enthusiastic when HP reached out to me about the opportunity as I’ve been looking to upgrade my laptop for some time. I was blown away by the stunning design and features of the new HP SPECTRE. With great attention to details, from the two-tone finish, the artfully-crafted piston hinges to the stylish and classic Saffiano leather sleeve, you get the feel of pure luxury. And with a 13 inch diagonal and 10.4mm, it is the world’s thinnest laptop as well as the lightest at 2.45 lbs. But I was even more impressed by the color scheme. A sophisticated ash-colored aluminum with rose gold accents complimenting the sleek and stylish design beautifully. You get the perfect combination of style, luxury and technology. As a content curator and style expert, this beauty fits perfectly in my daily routine, not only for its stylish charm but also its functionality. 

Looking forward to putting it to work as well as updating you guys on its performance.

Avec classe,


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