Comfort & Style


As we're approaching the end of spring and it is getting warmer by the minute, it is important to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Comfortable lightweight gears are essential to stay help you stay cool as the climate changes.

Today's outfit is inspired by the Japs oversized style that most of you should be familiar with. I'm wearing a pair of oversized linen pants and cotton shirt. I love the comfort, breathability and ease of the outfit. I've always been a fan of this style. It works best with slimmer figure as the clothes hang on the body creating a nice silhouette. 

Speaking of comfort, I'm also wearing my new favorite shoes from Creative Recreation called "The CAPO". They are hands down the most comfortable shoes that I've ever put on. They're easy to slip on, with a wide enough toe box to accommodate any foot shape while keeping a slim figure for a sleek look, perforated leather for breathability and enough cushion for balance and comfort while being on your feet all day. They're the perfect shoes for comfort and style and are worth every penny!

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