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Rarely do i know what I’m going to wear when i wake up in the morning. I just love getting spontaneous and creative with my wardrobe before heading out the door. I think it’s a good way for me to stimulate my brain and get ready for my busy lifestyle.

    While wandering through my closet this morning i stumbled upon this nicely pressed light blue gingham shirt that’s been hanging in a garment bag for a good while. I then picked out my green asos tie amongst various possible picks, because of the nice and crisp contrast of the green against the shirt. I immediately thought of navy as the neutral, adding my perfectly fitted vest and Riverisland trousers to the mix. I opted for my light brown h&m blazer because brown is a versatile color that looks great with almost anything. Adding a white pocket square with hints of green and a bold red lapel flower really made the look pop. And of course, completed the look with my favorite monk strap.

And that’s my way of putting it together!

what i wore:

shirt by Saks

tie by Asos

blazer by h&m

pocketsquare by thetiebar

lapel pin by riverisland

vest vintage

trousers by riverisland

shoes by tobootnewyork

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