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Today’s post is all about this amazing trench coat I stumble upon at a thrift store about a week ago. For those of you who don’t know, thrift shopping plays a big part in building a unique wardrobe. In my opinion. Most people tend go for trendy and expensive brands which is fine if you can afford it, but when it comes to classic and timeless pieces, sometimes all it takes is a trip to the nearest thrift store. Above is a great example of my statement. I was heading home from guitar center when I saw this little standalone thrift store across the street. Went in and headed straight to the suiting section and there was this beautiful trench coat staring at me. I couldn’t believe that it was my size, but what blew me away was the price. For 7 bucks I was able to take this baby home!!! Spent 6 bucks at the cleaners and voilà!
I styled it with my favorite double breasted navy blazer which I also thrifted about a year ago :)
Cobalt blue trousers and tie with a light pinstripe jcrew shirt.

From head to toe:
Hat by h&m
Tie by Asos
Shirt by jcrew
Navy blazer vintage (thrifted)
Coat vintage (thrifted)
Lapel pin by riverisland
Pocket square by yours truly (brand in the works..)
Pants by jcrew
Socks by Barney’s NY
Shoes by ToBoot Newyork

Photocred: DoubleeAJ photography

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